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4 in 1 Portable Water and Waste Bag Dispenser

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Do you love to bring your furkids with you when you have an errand? a jog? or a quick stop by the park? Then this Portable Water and Waste Bag Dispenser will definitely come in handy for you!

This portable water bottle comes with a poop shovel and waste bags at the bottle of the bottle, can also be used as a travel water bottle for drinking, and a waste bag dispenser to clean poop, it is very convenient and functional.

4 in 1: Water Feeder+Food Feeder + Rubbish Bag + Poop Shovel

Water Capacity – 300ML / 10oz
Easy to use and Dishwasher safe!

1. The design combines the drinking trough and the cup, which satisfied ergonomics.

it’s convenient for one-handed operation, also makes it easier for the owner to feed pet water and make sure it does not leak when inverted in 360 degrees.

2. Large Button Design, Water Reflowable Design

Equipped with a large button of drainage, makes sure that the water comes out as soon as you press the button. If you press the button for a long time and make the cup erect, it can make the water flow back into the cup.

3. O-shaped Drinking Trough Design

With 300ML/500ML water capacity and an O-shaped drinking trough design, so it’s more suitable for the dog’s oral structure, and also can prevent water from spilling.

4. Comes with a poop shovel

Just remove it from the cup if you need it, put in a garbage bag, which is safe and hygienic, and will not pollute the environment.

5. The storage function of garbage bags

There are some portable garbage bags at the end of the cup, just pull it off gently if you need it, which is convenient and fast.

6. Easy to clean

easy to clean, and each part can be directly rinsed with water and easy to wipe off.

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