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Ultrasonic Stop Dog Barking Device for Indoor and Outdoor Activity, Rechargeable 3 Frequency Modes Dog Trainer with LED Flashlight and Wrist Strap

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Do you have the following troubles?

  • Bothered by your dog constant barking?
  • Feeling powerless because your dog is not cooperating with your training?
  • Do you want to have a peaceful relationship with your pet?

Introducing this smart ultrasonic anti-barking device to your dog. The innovative design will bring you and your pet a good experience!

 This device uses ultrasonic control technology to stop the dogs from barking and train them better. When you detect dog barking at any point, just press the button, it will emit ultrasonic waves, which can only be heard by dogs, but humans cannot. The dog will be frightened by the sudden appearance of high-frequency ultrasonic waves and will stop barking under normal circumstances.

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 The dog will associate its barking with this uncomfortable sound. When repeated many times, he will find that the barking will bring discomfort to him, and gradually stop the barking without causing any damage to the dog's eardrum. This method of barking control is safe and effective.

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 In order to prevent the dog from being immune to sound interference, technically multi-sonic processing that three different frequency sound waves; stable frequency, undulating frequency, and irregular frequency sound waves is carried out to ensure dogs do not get used to a certain frequency so that the device can continue to have an effect on the dog's barking!

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 At just 1.9 ounces, the device is thin and lightweight, making it easy to fit in a pants pocket or a dog's bag for a trip.

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 The ultrasonic technology equipped with the device has a wide range of sound and a control distance of 5 meters, which is perfectly suitable for your dog training at home or taking your dog out for exercise.

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✓ What Is Included?

  1. 1)Anti Barking Device x 1
  2. 2)Power Adapter x 1
  3. 3)Wrist Strap x 1
  4. 4)Manual x 1
  • 【Train & Deterrent】It integrates the functions of dog training and dog bark control. In any cases, at the touch of a button when a dog is barking constantly, it can emit ultrasonic waves that only dogs can sense, and the dog will respond to this uncomfortable sound and stop barking gradually.
  • 【Equipped with 3 different frequency sound waves】This device can emit dog-friendly ultrasonic sounds with three different frequency sound waves, avoid getting your dog used to a certain sound.
  • 【New design for indoor-outdoor use】With five meters of the soundwave range, you can train your dog anywhere, anytime with this little portable device. With high-power Led flashlight, it can help you do this job even in the dark night.
  • 【Long battery life and rechargeable】Rechargeable with a standard USB included in the box, It can provide enduring deterrence on one charge. 300mah battery can support for up to 12 days of use without charging it again. Suitable for long-distance travel, indoor or outdoor activities.
  • 【Dog-Friendly】Compared to other electric-shock anti-barkers, the device is safe and friendly to the dog. It affects the dog's behavior with ultrasonic sounds whose frequency is within the dog's hearing range and will not cause any damage to your dog.
  • 【It is also a flaslight】Bright enough Provides the maximum brightness in the dark environment, which can be used in hiking, searching, repairing.

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